Boz Burrell

Rest In Peace

1946 - 2006

Boz Burrell is best known as bassist and founding member of classic rock superstars Bad Company. Throughout the 1970's Bad Company cranked out memorable hits like a rock and roll factory assembly line. Cuts such as "Feel Like Making Love," "Bad Company," "Rock and Roll Fantasy" and "Rock Steady" are but a few of Bad Company's many recognizable tunes. The first artists signed to Led Zeppelin's label, Swan Song, the band released it's debut in 1975 to much commercial success. Boz got his musical start as a singer/guitarist in various bands around London in the late 1960's. His first big break came when he joined King Crimson in 1971. Robert Fripp taught Boz how to play the bass and he became a cornerstone of the progressive rock legends early 1970's output. The classic lineup of Bad Company lasted into the early 1980's before the group drifted apart. Lead singer Paul Rodgers went on to front Jimmy Page's first post-Zeppelin outing, The Firm. Bad Company went through various reunion tours and albums in the late 1980's and early 1990's some with Boz and some without. In 1999 the four original members reunited for a successful tour. Plans for a new studio album in the year 2000 are being finalized. The band also released a greatest hits package prior to the tour which included several new tunes featuring the original lineup. Boz plays Washburn AB35 5 string fretless acoustic basses.